Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse.

So they say, there's a lunar eclipse tonight. It will start at 2018 GMT which is 2318 here in Kuwait. Though on 99.7 this morning they said it would start at 2AM, maybe they mean would be the most visible around that time. Nasa says Kuwait is a country that will have full visibility of the eclipse. So if you want to see the moon turn reddish tonight, stay up a little late. It is said that a lunar eclipse can be a very romantic experience. So Enjoy!


Magical Droplets said...

I would definitely be up; thanks for the info. I wonder if I have enough time to recharge my camera batteries, hmmmm?

fku said...

Eclipsed fully T2:10 AM, for one night the moon isint lonely ;p

Sita said...