Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dead Bird in our garden!

Mom just messaged me "there's a dead bird in the garden". She has been freaking out about the bird flu in Kuwait, and now there's a dead bird in the garden. She didn't touch it. She called 777, and they told her not to touch the bird at all. Took our address, and gave my mom two numbers to call, which are both not working!!!. the numbers are 885020 and 4737615. Both have been engaged since. She called back 777 told them it's engaged, they said they will inform them. She doesn't trust them, and she's just freaking out! It's actually a scary thought that it's in our garden! I'm not sure what we are going to do now. Will keep calling the number, and see what is next.

Update 2: Sorry about last information, I asked again exactly waht happened, it seems they picked up the bird, and are taking it for testing they said they will call if there is anything.


Fonzy said...

777 sucks.... try calling someone in the ministry of health or something. And yes, stay clear of the bird.

eshda3wa said...

hope its a false alarm
n i HATE 777!
see if u can contact someone else
and keep us informed!

Julie in California said...

What kind of bird was it?


Unless they saw a bullet hole and knew it had been shot...

Please let me know what kind of bird it was....

I'm a woman in California who's following bird flu & trying to get some sense of what's going on in Kuwait.

It's disturbing that you couldn't get through to phone numbers that are supposed to be there to help you!

Sita said...

Ok here's the thing, will try to get a picture of the bird that was dead, cause i really don't know what it's called.

And basically, I wasn't home when they picked it up, my maid was there, and I guess she misunderstood that it wasn't bird flu. What she said was that the guy came, had a plastic bag with him, and picked the bird up with it. I asked if he was wearing gloves, she said no. It seems authorities, weren't very worried about this bird. Maybe it's one of the birds that can't get the flu or something I don't know. Will try to get you a picture.

As for what is going on in Kuwait. Most of us received emails from our embassies, telling us how to be cautious, what to do in certain situations.

As for Hotlines, I know it might sound disturbing to you, but here in Kuwait, we are kinda used to it unfortunately. I'm sure they try everyday to be more efficient. But we just don't see it happening. So we find different ways of reaching the people we need. Like threw our connections in Kuwait, from one person to the other. Hotlines are less reliable then telling a friend that knows the president of whatever you are trying to reach for example.

Sita said...

Alright could be absolutely sure from the picture, but after searching a little, I assume at 90% confidence it was probably a dove. Not the white ones of course, the smaller grey ones. example laughing dove.

julie in california said...

Thanks, sita. Doves can get H5N1, but as long as you didn't touch it, there's nothing to worry about.

If you see a lot of dead birds, I hope you'll blog about it. I'll be reading your blog...

And our hotlines are not any better. Seems governments everywhere might be about the same.
Julie in California

Erma said...

Good words.