Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Edge of Mind.

You find yourself standing on the edge. You’re not sure how you got there. You’re driving under the trees one day, and the next thing you see, that edge, starring at you. Was it unconscious, were you meant to be standing here, alone?

It’s not very dark out, the sun is simply setting. The weather is also warm; you’re not uncomfortable, but the water under you looks so cold.

You’re still not sure what you are standing there for, you’re still not sure how. With the dizziness you are feeling at that moment, nothing seems to make sense. You’re not supposed to be standing there. Destiny isn’t supposed to be this way, and you certainly don’t want to be here.

You breath in, and your heart warms up, you realize, regardless of that edge, your heart is still living, your heart is still beating, and it’s still warming up at that thought. You might jump; and your heart is what will save you; it is what will save you from the cold water. It might not get you back up on that edge, but it will let you survive the jump, the cold, and let you live another day, simply to hear your heart beat again.

You’re on the edge, still wondering how. Feeling so alone. Then you look down at the water, a reflection is starring back at you. You’re not alone; you’re standing right there with you soul. Is it really there, is that truly your soul looking you in your eyes. “Why are you here with me? Why weren’t you stronger than me, to lead me to the road of secure grounds? Why are we on this edge together?” You kept starring at it, and then it whispered that there was no reason for being here. It was one road, one road in your lifetime. One road that led to this moment. A protection, from falling off something bigger.

You’re in confusion, your tears are running down your cheeks, begging your heart to save you from jumping, begging your soul to being stronger than the unknown. You’re begging your mind to follow your heart and soul.
This is one edge your mind didn’t think of, this is one edge your mind didn’t fully comprehend. Your thoughts lost, and the only way out is to breath, for your heart to stay warm, to save you from that edge.

Only to make you stronger for the next unexpected road.

Only to help you have faith in your heart and soul.


N10452 said...

There are many times in one's life where you find yourself on such edges ..

Anyway, i see you chose not to jump since you actually posted about it :)

Sita said...

;) I didn't jump.

N10452 said...

What if you jumped and nothing happened to you ??

Ever thought of that?

Fonzy said...

well we r in kuwait. no lakes, rivers, nor waterfalls to jump into so am guessing ur using a metaphor here. maybe am wrong, but i see it as taking risks in life and before u do, u feel anxiety and nervous thinking as to whether u shud go for it or play it safe and look the other way. For me, i love taking risks, not stupid ones ofcourse; the adrenaline rush makes me feel alive in a way i guess. So as n10452 said, what if u did take the risk and jump? assuming there are no rocks below the water, ofcourse.

Did u write this? amazing style!

Sita said...

Well guys, It's interesting how you saw it. You both make point. But it's not actually about the jump, or the risk.... it's about the fall. read it again ;)

and Thank you Fonz :P I did write it.

Sita said...

points sorry.

N10452 said...

"It was one road, one road in your lifetime. One road that led to this moment"

Experience teaches us a lot ..
Hope you ll never get on such roads again, or at least be driving a hummer so u can walk over the obstacles :P

Sita said...

Lol.... will keep that in mind ;) a Hummer is indeed a big car!