Sunday, January 31, 2010

After TWO years!

I guess I should have waited till March 2010 in order to really say it's been 2 years. But since I just felt like writing a post now, I will.
It's funny that so much has changed but my blog just kinda stayed there, exactly the same! It's a little bit weird.
I'm actually in Beirut right now. Just for 2 days. My husband is here on Business, so since I am not working at the moment, I'm indulging in traveling with him, when I can.
So yes, 2 years ago I was still single. Today I've been married for one year and four months. 2 years ago I was still working, today I'm not. I guess you always look back and feel like you miss your old days. I miss being in High School. I miss living in Montreal. I miss being in University. I miss the feeling of getting my first pay check. I miss living with my parents. I miss being engaged. I miss planning my wedding. I miss driving my car to Kuwait City in traffic every morning.
So it looks like you go threw life remembering and missing the past.
But is that really such a bad thing to miss something. Does it mean you want them back. Look at me now. I am happily Married. Excited about starting a Huge Huge Family, hopefully! Love feeling I can come and go with my Husband when he has to leave Kuwait for work. If you told me you can go back and relive everything you were missing in your life over and over again. Would anyone do that.
I don't mind missing a lot of things I lived.
At least I'll always be remembering nice things. Since you always miss the best things you had in life.
This means Up till now I've had a pretty good life. If I was to really list you all the things I miss. Then I can tell you I had a great life.
I'm actually looking forward for all the new things that will happen in my life so that I will be missing them one day!