Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pictures of Lebanon.

Enjoy, what you should also realise is that at a point during the year when the temperatures are just right, we can be tanning at one of the beaches you see on the picture, and then take a 30 40 minutes ride up the mountains to ski! So yes Lebanon is a wonderland.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Situation in Lebanon

The situation in Lebanon has sadly gotten much worse. I think I am still in my state of shock. Israel has not stopped since the first day but today was the worse. The attacks were everywhere, beirut is getting hit, Amchit, Tripoli, Jounieh, Bekaa and the south of course, every corner of Lebanon is under attack. Someone plays with fire, and our country sadly becomes the battlefeild of a war which we never wanted to play part in. We simply seem to be stuck in the wrong place. Lebanon is the most beautifull place on earth, and they are destroying it from us. It is not fair. I spent the whole day crying. My friend left beirut at around 3PM today on his way to Syria from Tripoli road, then a few hours later Tripoli was under attack, the road was under attack, and I hadn't heard from him. It was only at 10:30 PM that someone told me he made it. All I can say is that going through this feeling reminded of every single second my family and I had spent in Lebanon during the last war in 88. There is nothing about war that you can ever get used to. It starred at us for years, and when we finally kept pushing to rebuild it, when we put all our hopes and trust in our Country, they came and took our dreams away. We cry today, like we have cried in the past, but we are strong people, and we will bring our country back on it's feet even if we are doing it ALL over again. There is no way anyone should give up on beleiving in their country and we will never let anyone forget the beauty, charm, passion and love of Lebanon. May God keep it and it's people safe.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Lebanon is at War.

My country is at war... and that is why i haven't posted anything. I haven't really had anything to post about. I have been sitting on my news 24/7 and I can't seem to beleive how things have turned around in just one night! It is not fair. We don't deserve this. The real lebanease people, the people that really love their country none of us deserve this. And I am extremely frustrated with how things have happened and developed. I am truly speechless. And Some people I care about are now in Beirut and under bad circumstances. I only wish they safety.

Monday, July 10, 2006


YEAH BABY!!!! They did it!!! They have it!! The World Cup is Italy's!!! MOUAHHHHHHHHHH

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Ok So after Istanbul, Barcelona it was.... I think I should've done the trip the other way around, cause By the time i arrived to Barcelona it dind't look so great after Istanbul. Don't get me wrong, Barcelona was fun, it's a city where you can do everything, you hit the beach, walk around the gothic city till the sun comes down, which is up till almost 9pm during the summer, and then you go party in some club. It's a party city... but nothing too impressive I thought. Oh and Gaudi.... crazy dude he was. Seing Gaudi is what made Barcelona worth it. But i still thought he was too crazy for my taste.


I was there for 4 days, it's beauty, and crazy. They have a great history to learn about, you know the Sultan and all! Then it's overlooking the beautiful Bosphorus, which makes it all so beautiful and relaxing. Imagine, bathing in a pool that falls into another pool right on the bosphorus, Overlooking the other side on Istanbul. The sun is Mediterranean, you tan like crazy and you have the most amazing view. You can do that in Istanbul at the Kempinski Hotel. I went for lunch, and I was so jealous of everyone on that pool. Though, at my hotel there was nothing to complain about, We have a great pool too, but we weren;t right on the Bosphorus we were a bit higher up, so your view was a bit better. There was also a bar called Sky bar, it was on the roof of the hotel, imagine you are dancing under the stars in amazing weather with amazing VIEW again! Well that was only one of the bars that make you dance under the stars. Istanbul is full of them. I went to Reina, a very well known club in Istanbul, and again, check out the website. There another club called Sortie, same concept, oh and finally Ortakoy Area! Yeah Istanbul, a place to go have a good time. So me I'm going again someday.