Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm sneaking in a Post from Class!

I'm back in Class, for 3 days only and I guess I'm half way done.
Was just in Lebanon for the weekend! I kinda wish I was still there. You always really start realizing that you ARE in Lebanon the moment you are driving back to the airport. And that's what happened, we were driving back our tiny Yaris, among the crazy traffic, when the music on the radio was getting better and better by the song! I think some tears could've fallen at that moment! (ok just kidding). In any case, it was an amazing trip. Good friends, Amazing partner in crime! and 3 new places I discovered. L'o, Eight and Metis. L'o had amazing food you should all try it. Ok I should get back to my class... I'll try posting later if I get too bored, and manage to be discreet.


Fonzy said...

i know how u feel :( cant wait till i go to lebanon! at least u had fun and came back all refreshed :) next time, u will have more partners in crime :D

Anonymous said...

Can this blog be any boring?!

Sita said...

Hey Anonymous!
You're right.... it couldn't get any more boring... I have actually been thinking about taking a break from blogging... and I think you just gave me extra reason ;) ciao ciao!

Fonzy said...

anonymous... if u dont like it, stay out of it. and u wanna talk bout boring? how boring are u to stick a comment like that without a name nor a link? not only r u boring, u r also a chicken... u r one of those weak bugs who hits, runs, and hides.. get urself some spine and if u decide to make such comments, at least be man enough to show urself. ur comment is boring and u r boring, now go get a life and come back only when u get one!